About us

Sofileta is a French manufacturing company founded in 1911 and located near the Alps.

Sofileta is a company committed to the research of sustainable solutions that are responsibly sourced and respectful of the environment.

Sofileta is a renowned provider of innovative technical textile solutions for various applications.

In particular, Sofileta provides textiles for use in clothing, especially the manufacture of down jackets and other coats using down.

For several years, Sofileta has been looking for a reliable way to offer its clients a quality down that also caters to modern society’s concerns over the preservation of natural resources, protection of the environment and the treatment of animals.

Down at Sofileta

Down is a high-quality material, durable by nature. We have decided to reveal its extraordinary potential through an ingenious process allowing us to recycle in an optimal way the quality down that, for years, decades even, has been inside articles of bedding.

New Life Down® is the name of this innovative and sustainable solution that allows us to find new worth in a precious resource through the recycling of natural down.

At a time when the mistreatment of animals is still too often commonplace in ultra-intensive farming and when health crises are multiplying, New Life Down® offers another, more-virtuous way, one which prioritizes animal welfare and the preservation of our greatest natural resources.


New Life Down® is the start of a new era.

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