New Life Down® Innovation

New Life Down® is a range of high-quality recycled down exclusively produced through an innovative and independently certified supply chain.

New Life Down® is a high-quality, 100% recycled down.

It is a natural down, and no animal is mistreated or killed in its production.

The first step is to efficiently collect the used clothes and articles of bedding. These are often dirty and in poor condition on the outside, but the down present on the inside is often in very good condition and can be recycled. It is a great waste to not reuse this recyclable down to its full potential or to even throw it away. Indeed, when kept away from dampness, natural down is a durable and high-performance material.

New Life Down® products come from a Europe-wide collection network, and often from the Nordic countries, where, to protect themselves from the cold, the people have used quality duck and goose down for generations.

New Life Down® innovation involves:

1/ collecting used products, mostly from Northern Europe (primarily clothes and articles of bedding);

2/ selectively sorting;

3/ efficiently washing;

4/ restoring to the recycled down – once sorted and washed – its natural lofting properties, thereby giving it back its exceptional properties of thermal insulation;

The by-products from the selective sorting of collected down are used in various ways (in particular, furniture stuffing and energy retention), making the New Life Down® process remarkably efficient.

5/ a commitment to product traceability;

6/ the certification of the complete supply chain.